Jürg Furrer, a mechanical engineering student at the ETH Zurich, will support QUO AG in the coming three months as part of an internship. We are happy to give him the floor for a personal introduction!


I know the project-related and interdisciplinary work from my time as a building technician and it gives me pleasure. Originally, I am a qualified ventilation planner, but my inner drive to always learn new things has led me to Lucerne. At the University of Applied Sciences I completed the part-time studies to become a building technology engineer. My thirst for knowledge was not yet satisfied, so I continued my studies in mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich.
It is always important for me to assemble the planned parts myself, to hold the pieces in my own hands. This helps to understand the process better and to design a good product. In the meantime, I worked as a ventilation mechanic to carry out the processes I had planned in the office myself.

With its diverse and interdisciplinary projects, its own workshop and test laboratory, QUO AG is therefore an ideal place to deepen my interests. I am looking forward to the new challenge as an intern at QUO AG.


We are looking forward to working with Jürg and wish him a good start!

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