QUO is always happy to welcome young talents who complement our team and bring new input and dynamics. With Laura Zwyssig we have found such a person again. She will be supporting us in the next three months as part of an internship. We are happy to give her the floor for a personal introduction!


I see my mission in the work on innovation projects and it is very important to me that I can live this passion in my professional career. The projects that I have managed, coordinated and accompanied so far could not be more varied and it is exactly this diversity that is found at QUO.

In QUO’s internal environment it quickly becomes clear how dynamically and agilely work is done here. The interdisciplinary radius is huge and it allows me to contribute my strengths in different (sub-)projects. With this background, every QUO employee can be a part of a customer and success-oriented project, which has a noticeable impact on the team spirit.

Transparent communication between different departments has been important to me ever since I started my professional life. I have always actively promoted entrepreneurship and empowerment. Interdepartmental discussions, open brainstorming sessions within the team and my interlinked thinking enable me to identify unconventional solutions and opportunities that are purposeful. This ability has allowed me to implement exciting process and workflow optimizations at various employers, to introduce an open innovation platform into an existing corporate identity or to boost the industry’s internal digitalization in the field of tourism and passenger transport.

I am now looking forward to applying my knowledge and talents to QUO and to participating in many exciting projects.

We wish Laura a great start with QUO and look forward to working with her in the future!

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