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Creative transformers

At Quo, we believe in the power of design. We are driven by curiosity, can-do attitude and collaboration to turn bold ideas into experiences, that touch hearts.

Andreas Schlegel

Chairman, Account Manager & Executive Support

Claude Denier

Materials Science Consultant (Freelance)

Emilia Mende

Pratikantin Medical Devices & Health Tech

Florian Buchwalder

Design Consultant & Human Factors Engineer

Helen Meyer

Product Architect Mechanical (Freelance)

Paul Adesida

Business Development Representative

Roland Kurth

Business Development Manager & Design Consultant (Freelance)

Silvia Germann

Strategic Marketing, Business Design (Freelance)

Simon Hofstede

Strategic Designer & Product Architect Health Science & Medtech

Urs Herger

Design Consultant & Human Factors Engineer

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QUO Workshop Ideation

Join our team of thinkers, makers and lovers and create sustainable impact. Work with us


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