For our customers we are

for successful and sustainable products and processes

We are specialized in the development of products, processes and technologies from the needs analysis to the finished product.

For our customers we provide

available to create sustainable solutions.

Our many years of experience from over 500 innovation projects, our large know-how pool and our methodological skills enable us to generate the right solutions for your individual projects.

For our customers we have

in our interdisciplinary team

Our diverse team consists of mechanical engineers, materials scientists, biomedical engineers, electrical engineers and industrial designers, offering our customers a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise in one place.

We deliver the

for your success explosion

In order to change, move or break something up, new impulses and sometimes even a change of direction are needed. New perspectives, different ways of thinking and the humility to accept something new. With the page “Zündstoff” we provide you with contents that inform, challenge and perhaps also trigger a thought-explosion.

Our Innovative Projects


Innovative mounting system

Ernst Schweizer AG


IVF Hartmann

Tracking System for Sheep

TECSAG Technology Innovation AG

Our customers say

«Working with QUO is simply a pleasure.»

Patrick Richter
Agile Wind Power AG

«At QUO you meet competence, an innovative spirit and flexibility.»

Dr. Kristina Hansen
Leiterin F&E

«The recipe for success for a good solution is short paths and the same language.»

Urs Jäggli
Schweiz bibliotheca – transforming libraries

«Quo delivers insights, which are of technical and market relevance.»

Roland Diethelm
Zehnder Group Produktion

«The expertise developed with QUO supports our strategic project decisions and serves as a basis for the next product development steps»

Dr. Andreas P. Abel

«When we need innovative and practical technical solutions, my first thought is to use QUO!»

Phillipp Allemann
Head of production / Procurement
Bell switzerland

Our Team

Calling the shots for you

Andrea Caflisch QUO AG

Andrea Caflisch

MSc ETH Mechanical Engineering
+41 44 307 40 10

Stefan Brändli

Test mechanic
+41 44 307 40 60

Angelo Cammisa

Head of Sales
+41 44 307 40 64

Fabian Eggimann

Dipl. Technician HF Mechanical Engineering
+41 44 307 40 06

Andreas Halbleib

Dipl. -Ing. Mechanical Engineering
+41 44 307 40 14

Benjamin Erny

MSc ETH Material Science
+41 44 307 40 69

Daniel Junker

Head of workshop and test laboratory
Physics laboratory assistant
+41 44 307 40 12

Beat Keller

Mechanical Engineer FH / Product Designer (BA)
+41 44 307 40 62

Stefan Stahl

MSc ETH Mechanical Engineering
+41 44 307 40 17

Urs Herger

Product designer
Product designer HfG
+41 44 307 40 68

Manuel Kallen

BA ZFH Industrial & Product Design
+41 44 307 40 63

Michele Vanoni QUO

Michele Vanoni

MSc ETH Mechanical Engineering
+41 44 307 40 24

Franziska Fleischli QUO

Franziska Fleischli

PhD ETH Material Science
+41 44 307 40 03

Sebastian Hörteis QUO AG

Sebastian Hoerteis

Development- and calculation engineer
+41 44 307 40 66

Aldo Zuberbuehler QUO

Aldo Zuberbuehler

Dipl. Technician HF Mechanical Engineering
+41 44 307 40 23

Karin Klauenboesch

Head of Administration, Accountancy and HR
+41 44 307 40 20

Lya Rennhard QUO

Lya Rennhard

Product Designer (BA)
+41 44 307 40 09

QUO Jonas Dunst

Jonas Dunst

MSc ZFH Engineering
+41 44 307 40 02

QUO Julian Rudow

Julian Rudow

BSc Masch.-Ing.
+41 44 307 40 26

QUO Peter Hangartner

Peter Bäschlin

MSc ETH Mechanical Engineering
+41 44 307 40 21

Naomi Strauss

+41 44 307 40 15

Helen Meyer QUO

Helen Meyer

MSc ETH Mechanical Engineering
+41 44 307 40 13

Laura Zwyssig QUO

Laura Zwyssig

Creativity creator

+41 44 307 40 18

Jürg Furrer

+41 44 307 40 60